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We Pride Ourselves in Only Using the Finest High-End All Natural, Organic Ingredients


It was 35 years ago, my beautiful beloved grandma (Reava Walker) introduced me to the art of soap making. Mrs. Walker embodied this healing love aura that always made me feel calm and truly happy from my core. I remember how she would always whip something up to help ease my urge to scratch my eczema. {It Always Worked} So much so,  that I continued making the very same beautiful product that I call (Lavish Latte). I founded Above The Bar Soapery & Gift Co. because of my Grandma. She was so loving and supportive of me becoming and being my very best self. She always had this way of making everyone feel special even in a crowded room she knew how to make a person feel that they were the only one that mattered. Mrs. Walker passed that gift on to me among many others. Because of her endless love for me I have always had this desire to make something meaningful and beautiful. Since opening our doors, Above The Bar Soapery & Gift Co. has flourished thanks to a shared passion for creativity, botanical ingenuity, beauty and friendship.

Today, we are an independent company committed to quality, artisan craftsmanship and dedicated to deepening connections with thoses that we encounter through our love of light, love, fragrance — and, most of all, to creating bonds that enrich the quality of your daily life and your experience.

Love & Light

Body Bars

natural soap, handcrefted soap, handmade soap, glod leaf soap, organic ingredients, fragrance oil soap, apricot seed soap,


Our mission is to make every bath or shower a meaningful, peaceful, and relaxing experience. Your bath time is your personal time, where you should always feel free and at peace with yourself.


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We pride ourselves on the extra effort. It is our honor to use and incorporate only the absolute finest quality natural and organic ingredients, essential oils, essential oil blends, and top of the line authentic fragrance oils. You’re worth our efforts and deserving time. 

Body Creams

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 Our super - ultra - hydrating luxury body cream quenches and nourishes the skin like no other. A fan-favorite renowned for its superior performance. and enhancing your skin with the most beautiful glow.  

About Us

Natural Body Bars

Natural soap, handcrafted soap, handmade soap, organic soap, shea butter soap, natural ingredients soap

Our luxury handcrafted body bars will leave you feeling uplifted, clean, and refreshed.

The Body Polish

Body polish, all natural, african black soap, black soap body polish, organic sugar, natural ingredients

 When using only the finest high-end ingredients to create our luxurious body polishes, you know it and your skin will thank you for it. We are the ultimate in natural exfoliation.  

Luxury Soy Candles

Soy candle, all natural soy wax, wooden wick, yellow leaf bowl, Northern Autum fragrance.

 Our beautiful handcrafted and hand poured all natural Soy wax candles are the higest in quality, with a beautiful scent throw without being over stimulating